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A Book of Beards - Premium Grooming Products

A Book of Beards - Premium Grooming Products

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Educated Beards™ offers premium grooming products made only of 100%, high quality, natural and organic ingredients. All products are housed in sustainable, tinted glass containers, which eliminates the risk of leaching and product deterioration.

We care about your personal health, the health of those around you, and the planet. You can be confident in knowing that when you purchase Educated Beards products, you are purchasing a premium, safe and sustainable products for you and your family.

Beard Oil: 

This product will eliminate itch, hydrate your skin and remove “beardruff.” Made with premium quality oils such as Argan, Jojoba, and Grape Seed. 

Beard and Body Wash: 

It is important to wash your beard with a different soap then the one you use on your head. The skin on your scalp is very different then the skin on your face and body. Use this wash to promote a healthy- looking beard. 


These premium quality shears will allow you to remove straggly hair, dead ends and split ends without messing with your mane. 

Boar Hair Brush: 

This executive brush is made of 100% natural boar hair. Use of this brush on a daily basis, removes dead skin cells, distributes oils evenly throughout the beard and detangles beard hairs. 

Beard Balm: 

This high-end product will eliminate itch, hydrate your skin and remove “beardruff”. It also allows you to style your beard. Made of only premium quality natural ingredients including shea butter and beeswax. 

Moustache Wax: 

This specialty product will help you style your moustache giving you a firm, lasting hold on your whiskers. 


This luxury comb is made of cellulose acetate, a plant-based plastic that is a far superior product to any other plastics. This comb glides through your hair with ease and very little static. It has no sharp edges that could damage the cuticle of the hair helping to maintain a healthy and full beard.

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